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Project Description Owner Last Change
192.168.git The code behind Axel Beckert 3 years ago
awesome.git Axel's Awesome 3 Configuration Axel Beckert 5 years ago
check-wnpp-rm.git Scripts to check installed packages against work needing packages (WNPP) and removal requests (RM). Axel Beckert 6 years ago
conkerorrc.git Axel's conkerorrc (the versioned directory is $HOME/ Also mirrored at Axel Beckert 2 weeks ago
debian-p0f.git Proposed p0f 3.x packaging Axel Beckert 3 years ago
pconsole-debian.git Debian packaging for pconsole Axel Beckert 10 months ago
pentabarf.git German translations for DebConf 13's Pentabarf Axel Beckert 3 years ago
ratpoison.git Configuration files and scripts for Axel's ratpoison based desktop (used on his EeePC, EeeBox, etc.). Axel Beckert 2 weeks ago
t-prot.git Debian packaging for t-prot 3.0 Axel Beckert 17 months ago
vortraege.git Axel's talks including slides and web pages (see also Axel Beckert 6 weeks ago
wap-wml-tools-debian.git Debian packaging for wap-wml-tools Axel Beckert 3 years ago
wapua.git wApua WAP Browser (including it's Debian packaging) Axel Beckert 6 months ago
zsh.git Axel's .zsh: Checkout to $HOME/.zsh and then do "ln -s .zsh/zshenv $HOME/.zshenv" to use it. Axel Beckert 2 weeks ago